Tickets Price

Tickets All You Can Play

This ticket includes entrance permission to Funland and also access to play more than 35 different rides unlimitedly.

Additional provisos following:

  • Free admission (FREE) for visitor with height below 90 cm and elder with age 55 above (Please show us the ID).
  • Special ticket price Rp. 40.000 / ticket available for parent within age 50 to 55 years old. (Please show us the ID).
  • For groups of visitors (at least 21 people) will be given a special discount by presenting letter of declaration from the respective school or any concerning institution. Please contact our sales here: +628116176192 / +628116043972
Rp. 105.000 / ticket

Purchase online ticket as you prefer.

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Special price available for purchasing online.

Other attractions
  • Warzone Paint Ball

    The sensation of shooting like in a war, right on the hill altitude of 1.500 meters above sea level. Setup of military costume, strategy formulation and the use of international standard marker with choice of packages which including googles mask, uniform, safety & CO2 tank.

    For Reservation please contact 082162887888, or by using social media.

    Option A Rp 60rb (50 bullets)

    Option B Rp 30rb (16 bullets)

    Additional Bullets Rp 15.rb
    / 8 bullets

  • Carnival Games

    The variation of carnival games consists of Lucky Wheel, Fishing Duck, Throw bracelet, Gold Strike. Simply buy Rp.5,000 token to get the chances to walk away with super prize such as Refrigerator, TV, DVD, and many more!

    Rp. 5.000

    per token

  • Hello Kiddies

    Enjoy the redemption game variations for kids such as Shooting Hoops, Jackpot, Kids Percussion, Mr. Hammer, etc as low as Rp. 5000 per 2 pcs coins. You can exchange your ticket from these redemptions games with a lot of interesting souvenirs.

    Rp. 5.000

    per 2 pcs coins