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  • Are Funland and Mikie Holiday Resort open for public and not only serving the guests who are staying at Mikie Holiday Resort ?
    Yes, Funland and Mikie Holiday Resort operates for all people without boundaries, it is indeed open for public.
  • How can we travel to Funland if we are in group?
    Group for at least 20 people who would like to travel to Funland and Mikie Holiday Resort, please contact our Customer Service at +6282162887888. For group of students or business people, a Declaration Letter for Group Travelling from related school and company respectively is also need to be brought.
  • Do visitors are being charged for parking in Funland, Mikie Holiday Resort ?
    No, visitors of Funland and Mikie Holiday are all eligible to enjoy free parking on our parking area.
  • What is 'All You Can Play' ticket?
    All You Can Play Ticket is a unlimited bundle ticket to play more than 35 kinds of rides in Funland, Mikie Holiday Resort for that day (one day ticket). You can play all kinds of rides, as many times as you loved to. Note: Subjected to applicable terms.
  • What kind of games that are not included in Funland All You Can Play package ?
    Coin Games, Redemptions, Carnival Games & Paint Ball
  • What services are available for Funland, Mikie Holiday Resort's visitors ?
    Services available are access to the Hill Gazebo, Mikie's Park, Public toilets, Mosque, P3K clinic, wheel chair, ATM machines, Customer Service, Beverage & Snack etc.
  • Are we allowed to re-enter Funland when we out for a while without having to buy another ticket?
    Yes, you are certainly allowed to do that. Make sure you ask for seals / stamp on the hands from the officers at the entrance, so that by the time you go back, you just need to show the stamp under the Ultra Violet light. The stamp is using a transparent ink that can only be viewed using UV light.
  • Why food are not allowed to bring into the Funland ?
    Because in Funland, we have already provided you with diversified food outlets. Ranging from small food stall, Asian menus, western food, fast food and many more which of course you can choose according to your taste.
  • Are the games available for kids only ?
    All You Can Play game is opened for all ages, thus it could be played by anyone. But of course,to fulfill safety concerns, you shouldn't ignore the rules of each games and the requirements to ride.
  • How do I know the games that are included in the All You Can Play package in Funland ?
    You can easily spot 'All You Can Play' logo on each rides' board. If you see the logo, that means the attraction can be enjoyed as many times as you like(for people who have the 'all you can play' ticket).
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