Wild Ride

Wild Ride

You'll be impressed, because having a joy in nature that are specifically designed like living in a wildlife. You will be equipped with water gun and which make this ride more fun! Shoot 12 animal targets and look at their funny reaction. You can also rotate your steering and spinning 360° in order to reach out to the target as precise as possible. Ideal for children who accompanied by the guardians, because this ride will be one of the learning media about various tropical wildlife.


There is no limit.


Minimum of 100 cm.

Additional Info

  • Four types of targets i.e. Lions, Tigers, Bears and Elephants.
  • The velocity across the Gondola rail which is 10 km / h.
  • Consists of 6 Gondolas with each Gondola for max capacity of 2 persons.
  • The shooting results of the players will be shown on the score board at the station.
  • The security system: safety belt.

Attraction's Rules

  • Children under 7 years old must be accompanied by parents / adults.
  • When bad weather / rain rides will be laid off temporarily.
  • No pregnant women is allowed to ride.


Operated since 2008.

Opening Hours Opening Hours

Hi, we started to operate at:

09:30 - 18:00

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