Space Car

Space Car

Laser shoots are everywhere! Hurry eschew before the Space Car being shot and spinning. The forward and backward moves of your space car are driven by your skill to manage its handle. Attack all of your enemies, don't waste time and collect as many coins as possible!


Maximum of 70 kg.


Minimum of 100 cm.

Additional Info

  • Duration of the game: 3 minutes.
  • There are 12 cars available with each car loads maximum of 2 persons
  • Security sytem : Players must put on their safety belts while playing.

Attraction's Rules

  • Children below 7 years old must be accompanied by parents / adults.
  • Pregnant women are not allowed to ride
  • People under influence of drugs / alcohol are not allowed to ride.
  • Eating, drinking and smoking are prohibited during the play.


Operated since 2008.

Opening Hours Opening Hours

Hi, we started to operate at:

09:30 - 18:00

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