Fly Up

Fly Up

Enjoy the attractions Fly Up is like enjoying the breeze challenging and exciting! Swirling and up keep, fun, unforgettable impression. Comes with classic design typical medieval style that makes the moment unforgettable.




Minimum of 130 cm.

Attraction's Rules

  • Pregnant women are not allowed to ride.
  • People under influence of drugs / alcohol are not allowed to ride.
  • Eating, drinking and smoking are prohibited during your play in the arena.
  • Children must be accompanied by parents / adults.


  • 1 gondola for 2 person.
  • Total gondola is 12 units.


Operated since July 2016.



Opening Hours Opening Hours

Hi, we started to operate at:

09:30 - 18:00

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Dining and Snack Dining and Snack


Frisbee provide various kind of dishes at affordable price, cheap packages are also available according to your choice.