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Berastagi is an area full of beautiful scenery. It lies on the highlands of North Sumatera, on a plateau 100 meters (4,594 feet) above sea level in clean air, and is surrounded by majestic mountains and penetrable jungle.

Berastagi is only an hours drive (66 kilometres); its winding road takes you up the mountainside offers a fascinating trip in itself. From Berastagi, there is a clear view of Mount sinabung and Mount Sibayak.

Berastagi is well –known for its abundance of flowers, vegetables and fruits. The Marquisa in particular is a fruit famed throughout Indonesia for its delicious taste and grown only in Berastagi region.

Despite the growing number of resort in other places. Perhaps it is the special charm of the people, the breathtaking panorama and historical sights, the bewitching atmosphere. Or perhaps, it is the lure of Mikie Holiday Resort and Hotel, your regal mountainous family vacation.


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